Arne Vodder Furniture

Arne vodder
1926 – 2009
Danish born Arne Vodder studied his craft under the wing of Finn Juhl at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen graduating in 1947, the two designers went on to become firm friends and later business partners. Not only a furniture designer, Arne Vodder was also a keen architect and between 1950 – 1970 Vodder collaborated with fellow architect Anton Borg and between them they went on to design many low cost homes as well as furniture, their partnership was considered a real success.
Arne Vodder 29a sideboard

Vintage Arne Vodder Sideboard

Arne Vodder was probably best known for his beautiful sideboards which sometimes featured splashes of bright colours and Sideboard No. 29A which was produced by Sibast Furniture, was awarded 1st place at the Milan Triennale in 1957. Known also for his stunning chairs - simple yet elegant with the smooth curved lines often made from rosewood and teak.
Over the years his reputation gained international fans including most notably Jimmy Carter with some of his pieces finding a home at the White House. Pope Paul VI in Rome also housed several pieces and Arne Vodder's works could be found at embassies and hotels worldwide.
Arne Vodder chair

Vintage Arne Vodder Chair

Arne Vodder had a long and successful career spanning many decades which incorporated several collaborations; Erik Jørgensen, Kirkodan, Serlacius and latterly Nilaus Furniture were just some of them. Arne Vodders passing in 2009 leaves a legacy of beautiful, timeless designs and his furniture will no doubt be enjoyed for many years to come.
Arne vodder desk

Arne Vodder desk

Arne vodder Sideboard

 Whereas Arne Vodder Furniture was relatively unknown between 1950 and 1970, his work attained popularity and became recognised during his lifetime. In fact, between 1950 and 1970, Arne Vodder furniture was used in the White House by President Jimmy Carter and by President Anwar Sadat in Egypt, and was also included in the United Nations Office in Geneva, as well as in a number of other hotels, banks, and embassys.