large art deco desk

Large Art Deco Desk

    Step into the luxurious world of Art Deco design with a masterpiece that commands attention, - the Large Art Deco Desk. you can't help but admire how it effortlessly combines form and function. Crafted with exquisite detail and a nod to the glamorous French aesthetic, these desks can be a stunning fusion of walnut and Macassar ebony, exuding an air of sophistication and style. Imagine sitting down at this magnificent piece of furniture, feeling like a character straight out of a 1930's filmset, surrounded by its sleek lines and elegant curves.
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    Unlock Your Style with Art Deco Office Furniture

    Art Deco was a popular design form of the 1920s and 1930s, which had an eclectic style that combined traditional craftsmanship with modern lines. Adding a few pieces of this style can give any office environment an air of sophistication and class.

    An Art Deco desk is the perfect centrepiece for your room. Choose from a range of styles, such as a French Art Deco Desk. These desks are often made from striking materials such as lacquered wood, leather top or metalwork with intricate detailing. Depending on your budget and preferences, you can either opt for a restored vintage desk or invest in a quality design piece of history

    Types of Art Deco Desk

    Art Deco desks come in all shapes and sizes, from small and delicate, to large and executive. Whether you prefer the ornate and extravagant French designs, or the simple elegance of the English style, there is a perfect desk for everyone. From classic writing desks for your home office to grandiose executive desks for corporate offices, these beautiful pieces are sure to add a touch of class and charm to any space.

    Our range of Art Deco desks have been sourced from around the world and we have a forever changing stock, often looking for the more unusual desks that make a statement . Deco desks often feature the characteristic geometric shapes and lines of this period, with a very strong sense of style. The most sought after desks are those which were made by famous designers such as Jacques Adnet, Maurice Dufrene and Jean Royère.

    Types of Antique art deco writing desks

    There are a few types of desk to look for when choosing a desk, they range from a small desk with a single pedestal or writing table that just has a single drawer at the top to a large executive desk or partners desk, having drawers and storage space on either side, some have a leather writing surface or glass on top, some desks have locking systems that will lock all the desk drawers at the same time, or you could be looking for an Art Deco black desk that has been ebonised this was very popular in the 1920's as it is today.

    Art Deco Office Furniture

    Are You looking for an executive Art deco desk for you office or a small desk for your home office? we may have one that has not been restored yet and is not on our online store. you could always send us a message to see if we have one in stock. Desks come in a variety of shapes sizes and different woods such as burr walnut, maple, Macassar ebony and rosewood.

    Art Deco Interior design

    Art Deco office interior design is all about making a statement. Combining modern, sophisticated lines with bold colours and classic elements, this style of office design has the power to transform any workspace into an eye-catching hub of productivity. By incorporating the iconic art deco aesthetic into your desk and other pieces of furniture, you can create a chic environment that will make your employees feel inspired and motivated.

    Think sleek materials like glass, chrome, or metals with curved surfaces for desks and walls adorned with geometric shapes. Vibrant shades such as purple or red also contrast perfectly against art deco’s signature black background to add a touch of colour without overpowering the space. Meanwhile, accessorising your art deco office with artwork featuring intricate patterns can provide an extra layer of elegance your team members will love!

    Benefits of Art Deco Design

    Art Deco design is a popular style that was first seen in the 1920s and 1930s. It is a combination of modernist styles and influences that create bold geometric shapes, strong colours, and luxurious materials. This design style has been around for almost one hundred years and is still used today as it offers numerous benefits to homeowners.

    The most obvious advantage of Art Deco design is its beauty. The intricate patterns and vibrant hues of  burr walnut deco desk bring an interesting visual appeal to any space they are applied in, making them perfect for creating eye-catching interiors. Furthermore, these designs can be adapted to fit into any size or shape room, allowing homeowners to make the most of their spaces with ease.

    The art deco desk is a versatile and stylish piece of furniture for any home or office. It has an eye-catching design that can stand out in any room and the materials used are durable and long lasting. Not to mention, it adds a sense of sophistication and glamour to any space! Whether you’re looking for a statement piece to add some personality to your living area or something classic for your workspace, the art deco desk is definitely worth considering.