art deco side table

Art Deco Side Table

    Step into the roaring 1920s, an era of glitz, glamour and stylistic excellence. This is where we discover the iconic Art Deco side table - a testament to timeless elegance and captivating design that has stood tall against decades of changing trends. Crafted from exotic woods like Macassar Ebony, Amboyna, Walnut, and Rosewood, these side tables are more than just furniture; they're art pieces promising to add a dash of sophistication to any space. Imagine this: A beautifully designed u-base supporting symmetrical columns that rise majestically to hold the table top with an intricate drawer tucked underneath for functionality draped in aesthetics. Be it in your living room or study, an Art Deco side table commands attention with its bold geometry and detailed craftsmanship. And today dear reader, we take you on a journey exploring everything about these masterpieces - their history, charm and what makes them so coveted even today!