The Art Deco Desk - Original and unique

French Art Deco desk by Maurice Dufrene

The Art Deco Desk

A Truly Stunning Twentieth Century perfect Antique Art Deco Desk - The recent turn towards  early 20th century English art deco desks isn't a fad that is going away any time soon. As many small furniture shops have closed in the move to cheap mass production, there's little argument that these new desks simply don't compete to the classics in appearance, quality, or durability.
A desk wasn't meant to be replaced every five years! Something is missing in modern furniture pieces that make them pale in comparison to the outstanding antique desk options that are still fully functional decades or even centuries after their initial construction.

A Brief History of The Original vintage Art Deco Desk

There are many different styles from the 20th Century that are very popular, though Art Deco stands out even among these many styles. Originating in France just before World War I, this style really came into its own in the middle of the 20th Century. The freedom of expression that is associated with the Art Deco style  leads to a variety of wildly different looks, colours, and uniquely designed desks that leave an impression.
This design flourished by uniting a wide array of styles in a way that showed a clear "goal" of being modern. This vague goal results in A vintage art deco streamline style metal machine age desk being bold, surprising, and often times creating a memorable and fully functional remarkable French art deco streamline executive desk or writing desk that also served as a work of art. Able to blend bold colour combinations, geometry-inspired from Cubism, exotic Far East styles, and a hint of royal European craftsmanship, it's hard denying the combinations available.
French Art Deco Desk in Amboyna

remarkable art deco french streamline executive desk c.1930

At the highest end, many of these Vintage Art Deco desks featured not only the finest in oak, mahogany, satinwood and rosewood but also materials like gold inlay, ivory, shargreen or even ebony. Furniture Designers would take many different forms, and as a style that mixes six or seven different styles, it's not hard to see how four or five desks could appear completely different, meeting wildly different tastes and room aesthetics.

 A French Vintage Art Deco Desk would be Something to Pass On


Aside from the beauty of appearance, there are plenty of other reasons to consider an 20th century French Art Deco Desk  as your special piece of furniture or as an investment. These were built as pieces that were expected to stay in a family for many generations. To do that, they had to be built not just to last decades, but to endure the really long test of time. These desks will last for a lifetime and beyond, and can be re-used from generation to generation. These are desks that are meant to outlive their original owners, their grandchildren, and maybe even their grandchildren. That's an inheritance that is not only useful but will come loaded with the memories and traditions of growing up around it.
Art deco Desk in Tamo Ash

Better for the World a Restored 20th century French Art Deco Desk

If sheer beauty, quality of craftsmanship, and having a desk that can be passed on as part of your legacy to your descendants somehow isn't convincing enough, keep in mind that going with antique desks is also better for the environment. These last decades or even longer, especially if you're willing to take care of them with regular cleaning and treatments by profession antique craftsman. There is no supporting mass produced junk that must get thrown away every few years, there is no adding into the greenhouse gasses from factories - there's just a finely handcrafted piece of furniture set to last the test of time.
There are many brilliant reasons to look at owning a mid-century or an Art Deco antique desk, but the inherent longevity of these finely crafted sturdy pieces may just be the best one of them all. If you're a person with discerning taste, and a penchant for the utmost quality, then the executive 1930's Art Deco desk is undoubtedly for you.
Art deco Desk Detail
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1930's Art Deco Desk in your Office

The office of the 1930's was a bustling space for professional workers. An executive desk was typically the centre piece of the room, with art deco styling and plenty of storage to keep work organised. Many pieces from this era had characteristically tall legs, ornate carvings, and classic lines that evoke an air of sophistication.
The working conditions in the 1930's were much different than they are today; many executives worked long hours in their offices to meet strict deadlines and demands. Remarkable french art deco streamline executive desk's usually feature drawers or compartments to store important documents, as well as cubbyholes for pencils and other writing utensils. The desks were also usually quite large, allowing executives to spread out their paperwork while still keeping it organised.

Art Deco Desk in Your reception

The first impression of your business is key, and a reception desk is often where clients form their opinions. A French art deco reception desk offers an elegant, timeless look that can help you create a positive initial encounter with your potential customers.
These desks are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes so there’s no shortage of options to choose from. Not only do they come in different materials such as wood or metal but they also have various decorative elements like wrought iron accents and crystal handles that will give your front office a unique touch. Art deco reception desks feature intricate geometric details that convey luxury without appearing too flashy or busy. With the perfect combination of beauty and practicality, these pieces make for an excellent choice when it comes to creating a warm welcome for visitors.

Vintage Art Deco Desk Lamp

Vintage art deco desk lamps offer the perfect low lighting ambiance for any office space. These lamps can bring the whole office together, creating a beautiful and warm atmosphere. Available in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes, these classic vintage lamps are sure to create an inviting and cozy workspace.
From ambient lighting to task lighting, vintage art deco desk lamps provide just enough light to do work without overwhelming the space with brightness. The subtle glow emanating from these pieces creates a calming atmosphere that encourages creativity and productivity while bringing people together in the shared office environment. Plus their unique style adds character to any room.

French Art Deco Desk in your Office at home

The current trend of art deco office at home is seeing a rapid rise in popularity. Working from home has become increasingly popular over the years, as more and more people choose to escape the hustle and bustle of city life for their own comfortable space. This style of office partnered with an important art deco desk is perfect for those with smaller spaces in which to work, or even those who just prefer a stylish yet tidy look for their accounts and bookkeeping needs.