Benefits of Investing in Antique Furniture

Antique Satinwood Carlton House Desk

Are you considering what Antiques to invest in for your home or business? Anyone who wants to start a collection of antique furniture should first carry out extensive research first, attending an auction can help you to learn about pieces of furniture from different periods and gain an idea of what certain items are worth.

Before purchasing any vintage furniture, we suggest you read about some of the benefits to investing in some high-quality pieces.

Art Deco Sideboard

Rare Antiques are Good for the Environment

Investing in antique furniture pieces is environmentally friendly because you are reducing the need for manufacturing companies to create new items. Choosing to buy vintage can help to save trees and bring a new lease of life to old wooden furniture. Another reason for investing in  furniture is environmentally friendly is that the materials that they are made from will not harm the environment. Whereas cheap furniture is often made out of plastic which does damage the environment.


Hand Made Quality Antiques

 Furniture is made to a very high standard, and items tend to be handcrafted and made to last. Many antiques are still in use after hundreds of years and this demonstrates just how durable original furniture can be. It is said that the best quality furniture is made even better by the fact that it has been passed down through generations, and it feels like a family heirloom.


Antique Furniture Is Handmade and Unique

Antique furniture is a timeless and unique way to fill your home with quality craftsmanship. It can be an investment, as each piece has its own story and history behind it. Handmade with careful attention to detail, often with materials that are no longer found today. Each item of Vintage furniture is not just a functional piece for the home, but also an artefact of a bygone era.


The quality craftsmanship of original furniture stands far beyond anything mass produced today. Imagine owning a one-of-a-kind armoire from the 18th century or an Art Deco desk crafted in the Victorian era--each possessing its own unique charm and character. Collectors seek out these rare treasures for their historical value as well as aesthetic beauty, making them wise investments for anyone looking to create a special atmosphere in their home or office space.

No piece is the same, and all pieces are not mass produced which means that you can be sure that the furniture is unique to you.


Beautiful Antiques Are Still Stylish

Art Deco is still one of the key design trends for 2022, we discussed in our previous blog post how it is making a comeback this year! Art Deco items are well worth the investment and are classic interior design pieces that will never go out of fashion.


Can Either Hold It's Value or Increase in Value

In the long run, antiques are a good investment and if they are cleaned and receive the correct care need over they can even increase in value. If you do decide to change the style of a room and decide you want to sell some of your furniture, they are likely to provide a return on your investment.


Antiques Tell a Story

 Each piece is a reminder of the past and the people who used them. There is something special and unique about each item, as no two items are ever exactly alike. Antique walnut furniture evoke feelings of nostalgia and can be sentimental reminders for many generations to come.


Antique Leather Wing Chair

The appeal of original furniture lies in their age, craftsmanship, beauty and rarity. Collectors search far and wide for treasures that might hold special value or have interesting histories attached to them. Those passionate about original painted furniture have the opportunity to invest in pieces with real investment potential that may increase with time.


Whether it’s furniture, jewellery, pottery or other collectibles, each item has its own distinct characteristics that harken to days gone by - making antiques a great way to honour history while adding character and charm to your home decor today!


Add Personality to a Modern Interior

Carefully selecting pre-loved Antique Hallway furniture pieces can help to add character to your modern interior. Adding a decorative piece of furniture can contribute to transforming your home into a stunning and original environment.


what are the Best Antiques to invest in

This is timeless way to add value and character to any space. With that in mind, here are some of the best antiques to invest in, with a particular focus on commodes, sideboards, wing chairs, Howard and Son Armchairs, and Leather Chesterfield sofas.


As far as commodes go, these antique cabinets provide plenty of storage with their drawers and shelves. Furthermore they come in many styles like French or Italian designs which can elevate the look of any room. Sideboards offer an elegant display surface for items like china or silverware while also providing some hidden storage behind cupboard doors. Wing chairs feature traditional design elements such as exposed wooden frames and upholstered wings which give them an ornate look that will never go out of style.


Antique Chinese Furniture

Antique Chinese furniture is highly sought after for its unique craftsmanship and intricate designs. This type of furniture has a history that dates back centuries, with many pieces having been crafted as early as the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) or the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912). The traditional Chinese style of design focuses on combining decorative elements in an aesthetically pleasing way, often featuring intricate carvings, rich lacquer finishes, and bright colours.


Each region of China has produced different styles of furniture over time. These include Beijing and Shanxi chairs from North China; southern Yokeback chairs from Southern China; and Huanghuali hardwood furniture from East China. These pieces are highly collectible due to their age and rarity, with some being valued at up to thousands of pounds depending on their condition.


how to invest in antiques

Furniture has been around for centuries, and investing in them can be a great way to diversify your portfolio. With the right knowledge and approach, you can find yourself with a collection that appreciates in value over time. Here's what you need to know about how to invest in antiques.


The first step is research: examine the history of the items and determine what kind of value they may hold. This will help you decide which pieces are worth investing in and which are not worth your money.


Have you decided about investing in antique furniture? We’re a specialist furniture dealer based near London, call us today on 07799660323 if you need help deciding on which beautifully hand restored item would best suit your home or office.