Omann Jun

The Danish company was founded by Andreas Omann in 1933 and grew into a family business. Its success speaks for itself as the company is still going now! Some years earlier his father, Niels Omann had an established furniture business which Andreas worked for initially, clearly in his blood to follow his father’s path. The two companies did eventually merge into one in 1969 and many family members, namely Andreas sons, Gunni and Bjarne who took over the business in 1979, contributed to its ongoing success. It is currently being run by 3rd generation Ulrich Omann who took over in 2005.
In the beginning Andreas focused his attention on bedroom furniture and from the 50’s onwards started branching out into other items, namely sideboards and tables. He also had huge successes with Mid Century desks - Model 75 being a particular favourite, this model was designed by his son Gunni who joined the company after completing his studies as a cabinet maker. It is a great example of the effortless style and sleek lines coupled with the beautiful, high quality wood – oak, rosewood and teak were usually favoured. Omann was a gifted designer and his high quality and excellent workmanship make finding an original piece a true delight. He was well respected by his Danish designer peers. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Omann did not collaborate with anyone and all his work was attributed solely to his company. Their success went world wide and they were distributing to Europe and into the US market cementing the Omann name to history.
Danish mid Century Desk by Oman Jun
Omann Jun model 5 sideboard