Kurt Ostervig

Kurt Ostervig
Ostevig had an interesting start to his career.  He originally trained as a shipbuilding engineer and went on to work for several years in this field - however his passion for woodwork and design kept calling and he made the transition to become a furniture designer full-time. He started his design career at Knudsen’s Studio and after some years he ventured out and opened his own studio.
Ostervig style was unique - bold, stylish and unafraid to use a wide range of different materials to achieve his artistic vision.  His unique style interested many in this field and he went on to collaborate with some of the top furniture companies forging successful partnerships. His design style reached out to many different areas and some of the opulent pieces fitted in perfectly in hotels and cinemas.
To single out one style of his work is difficult - he was excellent at designing tables, chairs and occasional units - all had an edge to them, they were not your usual typical functional furniture - they had something a little different about them. Be it the unusual lines and shapes combined with the different range of materials that he used really took the designs to the next level.
Ostervig received many accolades through his illustrious career, wining at the Milan Triennale a couple of times and was chosen to exhibit at the MoMA in New York. Ostervig worked and designed for most of his life and had a uniqueness in his style that if you are fortunate enough to see some of his work - you will know that it is one of his pieces - probably the biggest compliment that can be said to somebody in the design world.
Kurt Ostervig dining table for Jason Mobler
Kurt Ostervig chairkurt Ostervig Sideboard