Kofod Larsen

Kofod Larsen
Kofod Larsen 1921-2003
Born in 1921 in Denmark, Larsen had a long and hugely successful career in furniture and design. He started out in the industry after completing his studies at the Danish Royal Academy in Copenhagen and it was not long before his designs were beginning to stir interest all around.
It was the stunning designs and the combined use of soft materials that made his work rather unique, often pairing leather with some beautiful wood – rosewood or teak.  Larsen’s designs were popular at the time and are still highly sought after in the antique market. He designed many beautiful pieces, but it was his chairs in particular that proved very successful – notably the Penguin chair (sometimes referred to as The Shell) designed in 1953. The other chair that has become rather famous is the Elizabeth chair made in 1956. It was originally known as U-56. However, after Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip purchased a pair during a visit to Copenhagen, it subsequently went on to be nicknamed Elizabeth following the royal seal of approval.
Over his career, Larsen gained accolades and awards, notably in 1948 when he won the Holmegaard glass competition and received an award from the Danish Cabinetmakers Guild. It was this success that then catapulted Larsen even further into the league of legends as it enticed companies and designers keen to collaborate with him – including Faarup Møbelfabrik. In the late 1950’s, Larsen was also asked to join British company G-Plan to design the Danish range. He also became involved with Selig, hitting big in the US with many of his design out selling the demand.
Since his death in 2003, the popularity for Kofod Larsen unique and stylish pieces has not waived and it is not hard to see why – a true Danish legend.
Kofod Larse Sideboard
Kofod Larsen Elisabeth Chair
Kofod Larsen mid century rosewood Desk
Kofod Larsen FA66 Sideboard

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