Uniflex Furniture


Uniflex was made by the company L Lazarus und employed designers such as Peter Hayward and Gunther Hoffstead in the 1950s and 1960s. They were at the forefront of the mid century modern style with machined finish and mass marketing and helped bring it to a wider audience after the Festival of Britain

Uniflex from the mid sixties had a distinctive style. Look for the absence of handles they used a cut out of the drawer and they used expensive woods, such as teak or rosewood, and the unique sled leg with a horizontal bar connecting the front and back legs.

As teak became more popular in the late 60s the style coming in from Denmark firms that set the pace in style looked to other finishes. Uniflex introduced a modern sideboard in white painted melamine. Melamine was a hard surface that was difficult to chip.

From a collecting point of view steer clear of the melamine and stick to the real wood veneers

Uniflex sideboard

uniflex table and chairs