Pieff furniture
Pieff - despite its Italian sounding name was actually a British family company based in the West Midlands and were initially know as Production Facilities Limited until the 1970’s when they rebranded and emerged as Pieff. The company was founded in 1953 by the father and son team comprising of Fred Bates and his son David. Some years later, Fred’s younger son, Tim also joined the family firm. Tim was introduced to the company and due to his background and study in the design field - he was to head up the new product range which was introduced at the Decor Furniture Exhibition in May 1970, this was a real success and influenced the direction in which the company was to go.
Initially, the company in its early years was selling to a more corporate customer base with the main source of income arising from contract buyers, for example hospitals and large canteens. Due to its rising popularity the company extended its venture and became a staple favourite in the retail world selling its range through high end companies such as Heals and Harrods. Other more main stream retail companies also became sellers as such, John Lewis and House of Fraser. Pieff was becoming known worldwide and its customers base was now reaching America, Australia and the Far East.
Pieff furniture could also be spotted on the TV on many popular programs - ‘This is your life’ was one. Probably the one design that Pieff became most well know for was the Eleganza Chair - the rigid chrome frame combined with the finest materials made it a showstopper and much sought after.
Despite its success, sadly in 1983 it became a victim of the industrial recession of that decade. The company went into administration and was brought by a local company PEL Ltd. The popularity for the Pieff furniture remains high and is an interest to many vintage and mid century modern buyers wanting a piece of furniture history.
Pieff Sideboard
Pieff Manderin Sofa
Pieff table and chairs
this table and chairs was one of my first purchases in the mid-century modern field and i have never looked back
Pieff is good quality well produced furniture that will stand the test of time