Niels Moller

Moller label
1920 -1981
Award winning Danish born Niels Moller had an early interest in furniture design which led him to complete a cabinetmakers apprenticeship in 1939 and he further consolidated his knowledge studying at the Århus School of Design. His lifelong passion ignited for furniture production and design, Niels founded his own company ‘J.L.Mollers Mobelfabrik’ in 1944 starting out in a modest workshop. In the 1960’s expansion to a bigger unit was required as exports to United States, Germany and Japan gained traction. The company to this day still exists now with his son at the helm.
Niels was a prolific designer who was consistently on point with his designs - smooth sleek and elegant - is it no wonder that they are still in high demand. Beautiful curves made from wood - teak, oak and rosewood often favoured oozing sophistication that is now synonymous with his name. Niels designed many pieces including tables, cabinets, sideboards but he is most famous for his stunning chairs. Niels first design, aptly named Chair No 1 was brought to fruition in 1946. Other well known and much sought after chairs No 62, No 71, No 78 are all beautiful examples of the design and workmanship that the name Niels Moller represents.
Moller 62 Armchairs
Moller 78 Dining Chairs
Moller Sideboard
Moller 71 dining chair