Jules Leleu

Jules leleu.    Jules Leleu signature
1883 –1961
Born in France, just outside Paris in 1883 the Leleu brothers jointly took the helm of their fathers painting business. Both brothers were deployed to fight in WW1 and upon his safe return Jules decided to truly focus on design and furniture making. After completing his numerous studies at the Academie des Beaux-Arts, the Ecole Jean Goujon in Brussels and Ecole des Arts Appliques, Jules presented his work at the 1925 Exposition Industrielle et Arts Decoratifs and was the winner of the grand prize. With this accolade to his name Jules gained further recognition in the design field.
Jules went on to be the designer of choice for many opulent projects and was commissioned to design interiors and suites aboard many of the great French ocean liners as well as royal residences and embassies. It was his sleek distinctive style and bold techniques that he became famous for alongside his monumental contribution to the Art Deco movement. Encompassing the use of interesting materials including ivory inlays, sharkskin and the introduction of the use of lacquer in the early 1920’s combined with unusual and exotic wood choice made for some striking pieces.
Continuing with the Leleu family interest and talent in the design and furniture field, Jules continued to work Making Sideboard's, desks, tables and other wonderful furniturewith his children until he passed away in 1961. He left the world a legacy of design treasures and the innovation and imagination of one of the world’s great designers.
Jules Leleu Armoire
Jules Leleu Cabinet
Jule Leleu Cabinet
Jules Leleu Cabinet and table
Jules Leleu Table
Jules Leleu Sideboard