Jindrich Halabala

Jindrich Halabala 
Born on May 24, 1903 died 18th November 1978
Jindrich Halabala brought modernism design that contributed to the development of our housing culture in the 20th century. His father Stepan was a sculptor and joiner, through his skilled work and practical furniture production, Jindrich continued his family tradition. He decided to travel to the USA, where he worked and learned from a furniture company, this is where he began to understand the way of mass furniture production.
From 1920 to 1922, he studied at the State Czechoslovak Wood School in Valasske Mezirici. This when he met he met their owner Jan Vanek, a pioneer of modern living. For another 4 years, Jindrich Halabala continued at the School of Applied Arts in Prague, with professor Janak whom specializes in furniture and interior design.
 Pair of Halabala H269 Armchairs
In his work Jindrich Halabala worked to promote the ideal of a new modern lifestyle of the mid 20th century. Halabala was not just a designer and creator, but also a great organiser of the entire furniture manufacturing process, from design, production techniques, skilled joinery and material choice.
The Museum of the City of Brno prepared the Jindrich Halabala exhibition to celebrate the birth of an important furniture designer.
Jindrich Halabala mastered the idea of steaming and bending different types of wood a process used in the manufacture of many of his chairs but so beautiful in his H269 chair, and these designs are still holding strong today
Halabala H269 Armchair in a room
Halabala spider Table