Interior trends

If you’ve had your fill of hearing about COVID19, lockdown, face masks and spraying anti bac on literally everything and anyone that gets in your way; then join us for a look back at the interior trends that we saw in this year and get back to all things furniture that we love…. Pour a drink and get comfortable, did someone mention a drink? Perhaps the biggest trend this year was at home drinking, we couldn’t go the bars so people bought or made their own! Here’s one we have ready to go - the beautiful and stylish Gio Ponti style Italian Rosewood bar just beautiful and when you can finally have your friends in for a tipple they will be as green with envy as the olive in their martini.
Gio Ponti Bar
Big hitters with colours continued to be all things Trumpish, lots of shades of orange; burnt orange, terracotta, ochre, mustard and all things blue- the more Royal the better even if we did get dumped by Meghan. Did the love affair with all 50 shades of grey start to fade? well yes maybe just a little. We saw an interest in curved furniture with its soft, smooth and inviting sofas wanting to give you a hug after such a rubbish year - you can’t help but be reminded of the great Finn Juhl’s Pelican chair –everyone said he was ahead of his time. Check out these curved armchairs from our stock:
Art Deco Armchairs
Coupled with the fresh modern look and adding statement pieces of beautifully polished antique furniture hit a juxtaposition that just got it right on point. The bright splash of colour that broke up the neutral tones draws us back to the style of Arne Vodder, sideboards hitting it big with the bursts of bright colours breaking up the otherwise mundane. Retro throwback with an Art-Deco theme continued to dominate with big statement pieces and the eco conscious continuing to gather pace. Do we really need to buy all things shiny and new? No was the answer. People are taking a little more time to think about using what we already have instead of joining the steady queues at the ready to go stores. We have seen a resurgence for the look of all things antique, they tell a silent story and have secret memories of times and decades past. The workmanship and quality of the pieces so difficult to find anything to compete from the modern world.
For those who had to work from home (WFH) and adjust to the wonders of Zoom and Teams, what better than to invest in an opulent yet functional piece of furniture. This one being one of our favourites, if you must continue to WFH for the foreseeable then at least make sure you do it in some style!
Art Deco Desk