Interior Design Trends

Each year brings with it a new interior design trend. last year revived some vintage trends with an appearance of art deco features creeping in towards the end of the year. For the future it is predicted that art deco with have a significant influence on the interior design industry through the use of bold patterns, velvet material, and art deco furniture.

This trend is all about creating rich details and bold statements in your home. We reveal how the art deco interior design trend is making a comeback !


Pantone has announced the Colour of The Year  is “greenery” which according to Leatrice Eiseman represents refreshment and revitalisation. The use of greenery is already prominent in the fashion, commercial and interior design. Earthy colours are becoming more fashionable this year and are a fantastic way of adding colour to rooms that have subtle colour schemes. Olive green, plush pinks, ochre and honey tones are suited to both bedrooms and living rooms to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere.


The art deco style is often characterised by rich colours and lavish decorative elements to enhance a room's appearance. In the next few years you can expect large, geometric shaped furniture featuring smooth brass and gold metals to create an elegant ambience. Investing in a few unique furniture pieces can help you to successfully achieve an art deco aesthetic and create character throughout your home.

Statement Lighting

The art deco vibe is not restricted to the use of colour and furniture. Using a quirky light fixture can be utilised as a design element to make the rooms in your home more memorable. Art deco lighting combines both function and strong aesthetic designs that focus on the use of sharp lines.

Materials and Texture

Texture is currently a significant theme in the interior design world . This year it is all about the velvet, whether it’s a stand-alone piece or using velvet on velvet. The use of mixed textures in your home is an excellent way to add an element of the art deco style to your interior. Try adding a stylish quilted duvet to your bedroom to make a statement.

Bold Patterns

If you would like to include an element of art deco into your home interior, be brave and embrace the use of bold patterns. The interior design industry takes inspiration from the fashion industry, and recently designers such as Prada and Marc Jacobs have been experimenting with tropical prints. Over the next few months, these prints will be replaced with nature inspired designs.

Wallpaper is experiencing a momentous renaissance in design, and there are a variety of patterns available to choose from. These include geometric shapes, bold florals and colour blocking and is an excellent way to update your home interior design.

If you’ve been inspired by this year's latest interior design trend, browse our selection of art deco furniture or call our specialists on 07799660323 to discuss your furniture requirements.