How to mix vintage furniture pieces successfully

Last year we saw the popular rise of the vintage furniture trend throughout our homes, and this trend is set to be even bigger . Even within the vintage spectrum, there are so many different looks and styles that we can pair together to create a dynamic look. Today, we consider some ways that we can successfully mix vintage pieces to create a room with style and essence, oozing in creative textures and colours.
Mix your table and chairs

Within the world of vintage furniture, there are many different eras in which we can choose beautiful pieces to mix and match. Think of antique, mid-century and art deco furniture pieces. One great way to infuse two of these styles is by contrasting your table and chairs. For example, you could combine these beautiful art deco armchairs with a classic mid-century drum table. Or, combine a classic mid-century dining table with beautiful art deco dining chairs. There are so many ways you can combine different woods and colours to create a unique look in your home.
Mix accessories

Accessories bring about the finishing touches of a room. Whether you choose to add artwork or ornaments, these elements are beautifully enhanced when they're placed on a backdrop of other vintage furniture pieces. For example, why not display eye-catching mid-century ornaments like this bronze horse with these beautifully detailed Bronze and Gilt Candelabra on an art deco black lacquer sideboard for a stylish yet modern look.
Combine elements in the bedroom

A bedroom is a place of tranquillity and peace and the addition of vintage furniture helps create a peaceful serenity to relax in. There are many opportunities within the bedroom for you to combine different styles of vintage furniture. For instance, you can combine an art-deco dressing table alongside a beautifully finished mid-century Italian rosewood commode and illuminate the room with a retro-modern French brass and copper floor lamp to showcase the quality of your furniture.

The great thing about combining different vintage furniture pieces is that you can decide to combines textures, colours or both. Lighter shades of walnut go perfectly with shades of rosewood. You can style a room to your taste and preferred trends whilst still combining the different styles of vintage furniture. Check out The Furniture Rooms website for a stunning collection of vintage, antique, art deco and mid century furniture that will look fantastic in your home.