Get the Look: Mid Century Modern

Decorating your home can be a really exciting task, especially when you’ve chosen a theme or style that you really love. Here, we’re going to focus on getting that mid century modern style that is on trend right now.

The Distinguishing Features Of Mid Century Style

There are a few distinguishing features of mid century style. The look is nearly always classic and understated, but in no way does this mean that they are the same.
Mid Century Sofa

Functionality is a huge factor in any mid century style - your home must be functional to work well. The design is usually considered uncluttered and sleek, with minimal ornamentation to avoid creating visual clutter and a feeling of messiness. Mid Century ArmchairYour mid century style can still be textured and interesting, you just need to make sure you select your items carefully.

In most cases, both traditional and nontraditional materials can be used. It isn’t uncommon to use contrasting materials either, such as wood and plastics together.

When it comes to colours, pretty much anything goes. You may find a graphic use of black and white appealing, or prefer to use colours from neutral to bold. Whatever you like, you can make it work in this style.

Include Signature Furniture Pieces

Mid Century Table

Signature furniture pieces will make the difference between a mid century style that stands out and one that falls flat. Buying vintage and antique furniture is always the way to go, as they give far more style and character than replica pieces. One large piece can set the tone you want, so make sure you’re really selective when it comes to your sofa.

Don’t include too many patterns in your furniture or any room - you can use a pattern, but too many of them won’t look right for this style. Ideally, you want to go for a retro feel, using things like unusual lamps, tapered legs and curves for furniture, and warm woods to create the look. Natural and textured finishes work really well in mid century style, so things like linen, felt, teak, walnut, oak and rosewood can all be used. Make sure there’s no glossiness or sparkle here - it will not go with the look you’re trying to achieve.

Mid century Desk

Unique pendant lights look amazing in a mid century style home; they’ll add texture and can almost be like a piece of hanging art. Ornate mirrors are great too, especially sunburst style mirrors. Remember, this is not a matchy matchy style so you don’t need to go on the hunt for matching sets and such. You can mix and match where you feel appropriate to create the right look.


Make sure that you don’t clutter walls with art and instead go for higher end pieces - a couple of bold, high quality pieces will always work better than lots of cheaper pieces.

Hopefully this guide has helped you to create the mid century style you love in your home - remember, investing in genuine vintage and antique will always create the best look imaginable!

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