Why you Should Invest in Mid Century Modern Design

Mid Century Modern Furniture has the iconic styles of both the 50s and 60s. It’s still popular today with collectors seeking out pieces from top British designers Danish, Scandinavian as well as countless European and American creators.
Designs of these products such as a sideboard or armchairs are typically elegant and sleek. However, the designs can also have incredible curves and funky appearances. Fresh interest in this type of furniture may have developed from the surge in American period TV shows like Mad Men in recent years. However, the reality is that these designs have always been popular.
Indeed, one article in the L.A Times suggested as much, claiming that those who favour these designs were part of a massive following. So, why should you invest in these options for your home?
Moller Chairs
Danish Mid century Carver Chairs model 62 by Moller

Increasing Value

You might think that when you purchase a beautiful piece of mid-century furniture from a Italian designer like Gio Ponti , you will only be getting a piece that will look glorious in your home. However, if you happen to get your hands on an original piece, you will find it actually appreciates in value.
Not every piece like this will be marked with a stamp, label or number . If you are buying from a reputable dealer, you will have no trouble finding Danish Mid Century Modern items like this from great designers like Peter Hvidt or Finn Juhl.
Lasting Appeal
Finn Juhl Danish mid century armchairs
Sadly, many of the most famous designers have passed away. Yet, their legacy lives on and pieces that they created still exist on the market. Since these items are quite rare, they can be a considerable investment. Particularly, if you ensure that you keep the pieces well preserved. The interest and appeal of this type of furniture is shown by the increase in the literature surrounding mid-century designs. There is a wealth of resources for individuals who are keen to learn how to invest the right way.
Of course, even though they are gone from this world, the ideas and concepts of Plunket and Heritage still exist today in newly created furniture. This once again highlights the enduring level of appeal.

Built To Last

Regardless of whether you choose the work of Charles and Ray Eames or France and Son, all the most valued designers and producers had one thing in common. They made furniture that provided excellent levels of durability. These products were beautifully made using only simple materials. So, even original pieces are still going to be in fantastic shape when purchased today. As such, you don’t need to worry about them being just a talking point in your home. They can be usable and this is because they weren’t cheaply made. It’s another solid reason why they are a strong investment that you will actually benefit from. Indeed, Finn Juhl and other Scandinavian designers such as Kai Kristiansen were particularly well known for producing very stylish and durable furniture. The pieces that these designers created typically had teak wooden frames with traditional, machine-made joinery.

Mid Century Modern Looks Fantastic

The clue is in the name and this style of furniture from American designers such as Charles Eames is going to look brilliant as part of the typical modern home. Indeed, they can even match a 19th-century building with the traditional mouldings as well as mantels. Those who want the style without the expensive price tags can also look for replicas available on the market today. Available at a lower cost, they provide the same type of design that you would gain from investing in an original piece by Vittorio Dassi.

Saving The Planet

Yes, it’s possible to even embrace eco living by investing in furniture like this. Purchasing vintage furniture from the furniture rooms by designers like Peter Hvidt is a fantastic form of recycling. You get a real, true piece made from a top designer and you know it wasn’t created recently, contributing to the destruction of forestry. You don’t have to stop with the furniture either. If you are keen to create and build a theme, then you will be able to find accessories from this era as well. Indeed, when you start exploring the option, you’ll find that there are countless choices to consider. The accessories are just as valuable and even pepper mills made during this time may sell for hundreds of pounds from the right designer.

A Range Of Choices

As you can probably tell, there was a tremendous wealth of designers from around the world creating these stylish pieces of furniture. Once you research, you’ll learn the top names that you should be looking out for such as France and Son. You will be able to view the types of pieces that they created and discover the individual style that matches your preferences. Mid century modern furniture products were not all created to the same mould. So, there is certainly the potential to create a completely unique design collecting items and accessories that you love.
 Mid Century Danish Sideboard
We hope this helps you understand why you should invest in mid-century modern furniture. Timeless, durable and effortlessly cool this is going to be a fantastic addition to your home. It could also be an incredible financial investment if you find the right product from a top designer. To get started, seek out reputable dealers, read up on the biggest names and make sure that you are prepared to spend the right amount of money to make this investment worth it.