10 of the Best Mid Century Desks

Desks have been around for centuries, dating back to around the 17 th . The word Desk originated from Modern Latin – Desca, which translated into ‘table to write on’ and went on to become ‘bureaus’ adapted from chest of drawers and to incorporate a flap to save on space.
The COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent request from the government to WFH – Work From Home changed the work life in ways that have never been seen before. The traditional 9-5 office hours were turned on their head when COVID struck. Office space in the home was hastily made and often the dining room table swiftly turned in a desk, which was fine at first but became tiresome pretty quickly. The second-hand market for desks went stratospheric.

   The general consensus is that the work life balance is forever more flexible and that WFH for all, or part of the week is now second nature to many office workers. It’s totally possible of course that we may go full circle, and in some years from now, at some brainstorming session over Zoom, some youngster will come up with a clever idea of renting a space where everyone could go and work
together in and become a big work family ….. but until then, working from home really is here to stay. We love a decent desk to work on, and if you are going to work from home, then why not do it in some style. Let’s take a look at a few of our favourite mid-century desk – here’s our top ten, not really in any order as, quite frankly, they are all pretty good.
                                       mid century Desk By Kai Kristiansen

10. Kai Kristiansen Model-70 .

What better way to start our top ten with this absolutely belter.
Made from Rosewood in the sleek and slick style of Kristiansen, practical with its excellent double
sided storage, as well as visually stunning it’s helping to make working feel that little more luxurious.
  Nana Ditzel desk

9. Nanna Ditzel - ND 93.  

The very talented Danish furniture designer created this piece in 1955, she
graduated among some very talented peers. This design was adapted to be made with two or four
drawers. Simple but classic design which suit many.

8. George Nelson for Herman Miller  - Swag Desk.

The one that never really went of fashion, stylish legs
and now in a multitude of colours fitting in nicely in the minimalist home. Bright and colourful cubby
holes, practical and stylish.

7. Svend Madsen - SH 180.

An absolutely cracker. Svend Madsen designed this Teak desk for Sigurd
Hansen Møbelfabrik in the early 1960s. The curved case sits on a sculpted frame with contrasting
solid Teak sculpted legs.
Dassi Desk Mid century Italian

6. Vittorio Dassi .

A stunning mid century executive desk designed and produced in Italy by Vittorio
Dassi in the 1950’s, with Indian rosewood. The desk is shaped all round and has inlaid motif in the
centre at the back large sculptural shaped legs finished off with bronze capped sabots. With the
floating clear glass top, this really is a spectacular piece.
                                    Arne Vodder desk

5. Arne Vodder - Mid Century Rosewood Desk.

One of the greatest Danish designer, Arne Vodder
would always be in our top ten. This mid century desk produced in Denmark in the 1960's is of the
typical high standard we would expect. It has six drawers, inset sculpted handles, floating top,
working would be much easier on this desk, I’m sure.
Jean Prouve desk

4.Jean Prouve - Compass Desk.

Frenchman Jean Prouve designed this modern looking desk in 1953.
The desk resembles the hinged arms of a compass and is how it became known. The solid oiled
wood top and minimalist frame Is one of the modern styles that fits with many homes.
Arne Wahl Iverson Desk

3.Arne Wahl Iverson - Model 65.

Arne Wahl Iversen designed many pieces and was in collaboration
with many different producers, this beautiful 1960’s desk was produced by Vinde Møbelfabrik. A
very function desk and his work has been in demand as his popularity is rising.
Pierre Jearenette Desk                         

2.Pierre Jeanneret – Model CH020305.

For those on a space saving mission, then this is the one for
you. Extending table in Teak on a tripod frame, it really is a wonder. Useful and practical and
collapsible, when your done with work for the week, turn it around and walk away.
                                           Gio Ponti Desk

1.Gio Ponti- Important Desk.

Saved the best for last? Well, yes, I think we probably have. This is just
an incredible piece of furniture. I’m not actually sure how much work I would get done on this if I
owed it, I’d be too busy admiring its beauty.