Art Deco Dining Table | Coffee Table | Side Table

An Art Deco Table mainly flourished with its eclectic style in London in the 1930's, due to its combination of craft motifs and modern advancements in technology and production, this lead to a more evolved design and increased demand.   Stronger patterns emerged on art deco console table and coffee table's, with greater depth, contrast and vibrancy in colour and otherwise unheard of materials were introduced in construction Industrial materials crossed over to be used in the manufacture of domestic goods. Such as aluminium, stainless steel, Bakelite, and lacquer. This married stylishly alongside the more natural elements of inlaid wood, sharks skin, zebra skin and ivory.     All items within the home were re-evaluated and constructed with an all together different thought process and approach. A beautifully stylish Walnut Art Deco Table by Epstien, was inlaid with bands of wood in contrasting veins of walnut across its curved edged surface and the legs were transformed into plinths with monochromatic effect, finished with ebonised boxed feet. Even a humble Art Deco Dining table and chairs took on board the design principles. With chamfered rounded edges, bold clean proportions and simple plinth construction.

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