Art Deco Sideboard | Cabinet | Commode

Art Deco sideboard's were smaller in proportion, than their predecessors. Although it has to be said that a room of decent proportions may still be required, the overall shape was used to make much more of a statement. So that it stood as a centrepiece within its interior. A French art Deco Sideboard with sloping sides, bowed and breakfronts became popular with fluted doors and eye-catching handles. in the USA this would have been called an Art Deco Credenza, the designs simplified, creating a much more uncluttered piece but, chose to use the embellishments of the materials used in a more visually striking way.So that overall the sideboard became incredibly stylish like an Italian Art Deco Commode this is now classed as Antique and will stylishly fit into any Home. The physical requirements were met in a much more unified and elegant fashion. Some even catered to multi-function as drinks cabinets with sliding, rotating or even drop-down mirror lined cupboards that may have been lit. The emphasis was on the complete package, catering for any requirements, such as felt lined cutlery drawers, bottle wells and even cocktail sticks, juicers and trays like the Epstein Art Deco Cabinet. please remember we deliver to London Every Friday and Wrldwide delivery is available please contact us for a quote

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