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The Antique chest of drawers is a piece of everyday furniture that in our modern world inhabits almost every home around us. Yet if you dissect the name,the history of this humble item will reveal itself, for it is the key to its past. Originally formed from a simpler box or ‘chest’, with the later addition of a drawer and traditionally given in the medieval times as a dowry (maritalchest). Akin to the Antique Solid Oak Coffer.The Antique chest we recognise today, first appeared in the middle of the 17th Century, as a simple Antique country piece in solid oak, with fully fitted drawers.It wasn’t until the reign of Queen Anne that a pine framed chest appeared with dazzling veneers of walnut. They were fashioned in box form and stood
upon oak stands.By the 1730’s other woods, such as mahogany were introduced to allow innovative variations in design. With serpentine fronts, cantered corners andstahl columns, such as the 
Then finally in the 1820’s, cheaper methods of manufacture enabled the Victorian classes to share in the ownership of this functional item

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