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Mid-Century Furniture

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We have been dealing in Antique, Art Deco and Mid century furniture for over 40 years, between us we have had large furniture shops, small Mid century furniture shops, shops within larger Mid century modern furniture shops We have bought, restored and sold thousand upon thousands of Beautiful pieces of restored designer furniture, Antique Furniture, Art deco Furniture and Mid century Furniture.Our love of  Mid Century Modern and Art deco furniture has been getting stronger over the last few years and quality always prevails, whether it is a good piece of Antique Furniture or a 1970’ mid century modern rosewood sideboard or Original Vintage Retro Furniture the main criteria still stands – Quality.

'Quality Original Furniture is what we strive for; along with look, style and proportion.'

Antique Furniture,

We love Antiques from all periods, we try to find practical everyday useful furniture that wont break the bank, from Victorian tables, Georgian chests of drawers to Antique solid oak coffers, we try to cover every angle.

Mid-Century Furniture

We love a rosewood sideboard from the middle of the twentieth century; at the moment we have a lovely Gordon Russell rosewood sideboard in stock.We try to have a range of  original vintage retro mid century chairs, mid-century tables and mid century desks for sale

Art Deco Furniture

Quality, original Art deco furniture is what we look for. Usually we have a good Art Deco desk in stock and always an Art Deco walnut dining Table and a good pair of art deco lounge club chairs ready to be upholstered. we also have a selection of art deco chests and bedside cabinets in stock.

Retro Furniture

Retro Furniture is getting more and more desireable for the younger generation particulary in London, we stock a good variaty of original retro furniture for the lounge and dining room.

Vintage Furniture

Every loves a good quality piece of vintage furniture in the home, from vintage tables to vintage chairs browse are selection we always will have something in stock to suit.


The Furniture Restoration Process at The Furniture Rooms,

As you can appreciate when we find a piece of furniture it is usually in a tired state, some times with water damage, lifting veneer, crazed polish doors and locks not working correctly, all sorts of problems can occur. Our team of in-house restorers at The Furniture Rooms is headed by Steve, who is William Tillman Trained, then self employed for many years with 40 years of cabinet making, polishing and restoration under his belt you are sure to be in safe hands

'Every piece of furniture is individually checked over and leaves our workshop in excellent condition'