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Kai Kristiansen
Born in Denmark in 1929, Kai started his career in furniture design by studying the art of cabinet making. He continued his study at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and his tutor was none other than the famous Kaare Klint. In 1955 Kai opened his very own design studio, a significant achievement for the 26 year old and began producing pieces that would become known as ‘Danish Modern’.
Materials of choice were often Teak and Rosewood, combined with the slick and stylish designs which he quickly became famous for - an example of this is the chair Model #42 which is commonly referred to as the Z chair. The chair was designed just a year after the opening of his design company for Schou Andersen and received many accolades. The design was heralded as a true masterpiece, not only for its aesthetics but also for the pure comfort factor. Other pieces were soon in demand from sideboards, tables and cabinets and notably the FM shelving unit which gained applause and fans worldwide.
Many of the design proved difficult and slow to manufacture and as a result they sadly went out of production. The vintage designs are therefore well sought after and command a price tag worthy of the efforts that went into the design coupled with the highest standard of workmanship that Kai demanded. Kai’s love for design still continues to this day and he can be found collaborating with designers in his hometown Copenhagen.
Kai Kristiansen Desk
Kai Kristiansen Dining chair
Kai Kristiansen oak dining chair
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