Antique Sideboard | Credenza | Buffet

The Antique sideboard has evolved from a mere side table or serving table,being a plain object set against the wall to serve dishes from, with a separate cupboard/chest on wheels to store the glass and silverware. To that of a buffet with built in closet developed within the eighteenth century. This further morphed into a more decorative object, with storage for hot and cold food as well as cutlery and wines, concealed within raised pedestal cupboards and adorned with ornamental vases. There were even receptacles for ice and water.

Antique Sideboard

Finally the Sideboard as we know it today was born, containing all the elements of the above, in a more unified and refined form. With partitioned cupboards and drawers for storage and display. Often set on raised legs, with well-proportioned dimensions. All crafted from richly toned woods such asMahogany, Walnut, Rosewood and Oak.

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