Dunes Oil on Canvass by Arnold Schatz

'Dunes' Oil on Canvass by Arnold Schatz



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Dunes Oil on Canvass by Arnold Schatz

Oil on canvass painting of dunes by Arnold Shatz b.1929 in Gemany, this is in excellent condition with no repairs, it also comes with original documentation

Age: c1970

Style: Mid Century Modern

Material:Oil on Canvass

Condition: Very Good

Dimensions: 84h x 113w x 5d cm


A pair of French Empire bronze and bronze gilt five branch candelabra ( six burners) with three dragons at the base, they are finely cast with great detail with original gilding this pair of candelabra are in excellent condition with no missing pieces

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A very good quality bronze cast by French sculptor James Andrey the lion is mounted on a marble base that has been carved to look like rock the signature is inscribed into the marble

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This 1930's french bronze patinated spelter sculpture of a hunting man listening, this is mounted on a black marble base

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This French Art Deco Bronze patinated spelter sculpture of a pheasant standing on a marble base

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A large French Bronze sculpture of Mozart playing violin, by Jean louis Gregoire ( 1840 – 1890) the bronze has good patina and is in excellent condition, strings on violin are loose but all intact


A bronze sculpture of cherub boy on red marble base with excellent original patina this rare and highly collectible sculpture by Claude Michel (1738- 1814) signed CLODION. Base and plinth show signs of use.

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A sculpture of 'The Pheasant' with enamel gilding on bronze. This piece has great art deco style and it is completely original from France circa 1930. This piece is signed on the rock that the bird stands “ T Rochard”

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