Bronze chariot sculpture on Marble base

Bronze chariot sculpture on Marble base



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Bronze chariot sculpture on Marble base

This late 20th century bronze chariot sculpture stands on a marble base, very impressive size piece of rearing horse with chariot.

Age: late 20th century

Style: Modern Art

Material: Bronze and Marble

Condition: Very Good

Dimensions: 37h x 59w x 25d cm


A good size bronze cast, Mid century cubism styled bronze Minotor, by “Miguel Fernando Lopez” signed his work 'Milo' this sits on marble base with no chips and in very good condition


A well crafted French, 1930's, cold painted, bronze sculpture of two men moving a large stone, this sculpture is very large and heavy, the detail of the sculpture is very fine and is in excellent condition with wear as expected for this age


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A pair of French bronzed plaques from around the1880’s both containing cherubs and fawns, one picture has a very detailed dog and the other is a goat if hung side by side the images will look at each other, this is how they were made by the artist to be, they are relief pictures meaning the image is raised they are in original Oak frames still containing original plaque ‘ENFANTS AU CHIEN’ and ‘ENFANTS A LA CHEVRE’


A beautifully sculpted large bronze panther a beautiful casting it was bought from a french antique market because it has excellent style a good weight with good patina