Art Deco Walnut Cabinet

Art Deco Walnut Cabinet




Art Deco Walnut Cabinet

This Art Deco walnut cabinet has fixed shelves behind, the cabinet has been fully restored and hand polished and is in excellent condition through out

Age: c1930

Style: Art Deco

Material: Walnut

Condition: Very Good

Dimensions: h x w x d cm


An Art Deco Cabinet with Italian marble top, two drawers and a double
cupboard below in excellent condition throughout recently restored and


A German produced cabinet with Czech influence with glass sliding door to the left, lockable door to the right and below left ,Cocktail slide and three drawers to the lower right, this cabinet is in very good condition

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This Art Deco cabinet was produced using Karelian birch, birds eye maple and walnut it has a cupboard door and two drawers, chromed handles and is in very good original condition

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A rt Deco Cabinet in Satin Birch c1930 This Satin Birch, Art Deco Cabinet has lockable doors, behind this is a series of solid mahogany...