Vintage Leather Chesterfield

Vintage Leather Chesterfield




Vintage Leather Chesterfield

A Thick hide vintage brown Leather chesterfield with deep buttoned back and seat, coil sprung with a solid hardwood frame in very good condition having minimal wear and no damage to the leather.

Age: c1960's
Style: Vintage Leather Chesterfield
Material: Solid Hardwood Frame with Hyde leather
Condition: Very Good
Dimensions:76 h x 208w x 87d cm


This pair of chesterfields are solid hardwood framed, fully buttoned with buttoned seats they are upholstered in thick hand dyed chestnut brown leather, they are both in very good condition with good patination, all buttons are present and there is no damage or old repairs

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A Pair of French Leather club chairs, in good overall condition, panel repaired and replaced 20 years ago with good restoration, the leather is very thick hide and we have conditioned and fed to regain suppleness


This pair of French leather club chairs have undergone light restoration the leather has been cleaned, conditioned and fed to get the suppleness and strength back. A few small holes have been repaired the frames are hardwood and the base back and arms are coil sprung, the cushion is down filled


This Leather Wing chair was produced around the 1960's it has a solid Mahogany frame and tan colored hide upholstery. The seat cushion is down filled, there are two small professional repairs to the leather that are hardly noticeable making the chair in excellent condition throughout


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This 1960's produced Leather chesterfield has a solid hardwood frame, coil sprung full buttoned back arms and seat and in excellent condition.


Produced in France in the 1960's this pair of chairs have a solid hardwood frame coil sprung with thick leather upholstery, the chairs have signs of wear but no damage or repairs the legs have been recently hand polished


British Produced Chesterfield from the 1960's has a solid hardwood frame, coil sprung seat arms and back and has been upholstered using thick hide leather. With a deep buttoned back and seat, the chesterfield is in very good condition there is some age related wear




A good Quality Vintage Leather chesterfield produced in the 1960's in the UK. It has a solid hardwood frame, a fully sprung seat, arms and back. The leather is hide and as been fully treated. There have been a few small repairs to the seat that are unnoticeable, all the buttons are present making the chesterfield in overall very good condition.