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The Furniture Rooms is a high quality, dedicated website that has been dealing in Antique, Art Deco, and Mid-century Modern furniture for over 40 years.  Selling vintage dining room, bedroom, and lounge furniture, our goal is to outfit every room of your house with our unique styles in order to make your home as eye-catching and captivating as we can.  Our business involves buying furniture from reliable sources and restoring it to perfect condition, so it is ready to find its new home.  In the time we have been in business, we have sold thousands of beautiful pieces of designer furniture, including antique, art deco, mid-century modern, retro, and vintage furniture.  Using our trusted dealers, we select the best pieces from antique, mid-century modern, and art deco furniture dealers from all over the world and make them available to you.  Recently, vintage style furniture has been growing more popular, and the quality of our pieces are sure to impress you.  Giving you the best pieces in the best condition is our greatest concern, whether it is an antique piece, a 1970s, r mid-century modern rosewood sideboard, our motto still stands:

'Quality Original Furniture is what we strive for; along with look, style and proportion.'


Here is some information on some of the pieces that we sell.  Get acquainted with each of our styles and genres before taking a look around the website, it may help you narrow down your search a little bit.


Antique Furniture

Antiques are a classic style that can fit into practically every home, be it a modern one with state of the art technology and equally modern furnishings, or an old fashioned farmhouse with mis-matched furniture that you collected from various locations.  Antiques can be the centre point of a good room such as a desk or a bed frame, or they can be those cute little accessories that make the room strong and vibrant, like end tables or bookcases.  Whatever your need, The Furniture Rooms is here to supply you with the best piece possible.

Among many of the pieces offered in the Antique genre, there are tables, Georgian chests of drawers, oak bedroom furniture, solid oak coffers, desks and bookcases.  All of us here at The Furniture Rooms work at giving you as many different options as possible, and work at ensuring you have a high quality piece for every need. Read more about Antique Furniture in the UK.....


Mid century Modern Furniture

With the constant shifting in fashion and popularity, furniture starts to become passe or slightly out of fashion.  However, more often that not, a lot of these styles start to come back with time.  History must repeat itself, after all.  As of right now, Danish mid-century furniture is popular with buyers off the streets.  However, like any style coming back to the forefront, there are certain adaptations.  Typically, Danish furniture from this time period is crafted using rosewood and teak, but these newest pieces are using other various materials in their crafting to make them more modern.

Quickly rising in popularity due to their elegance and simplicity, Danish furniture is selling fast and at high prices.  The Furniture Rooms ensure that the best pieces are available to customers looking for this popular look, without matching the astronomical prices of the more trendy shops that have a constant turn over and need to mark the prices up accordingly.  Since The Furniture Rooms is a store that takes in so many different styles, turn around only happens when there are more pieces brought into the collection.  An eclectic store from the start, we are dedicated to giving you the most variety, so getting rid of merchandise goes against everything that we offer as advantages to our service. Read more about Mid Century Furniture London


Art Deco Furniture

Throughout the ages, art deco furniture has been classified as glossy, luxurious, and has a “larger than life” motto stamped to it.  This 1920's style is full of bold colour and often represents freedom and hope, emotions that were much needed in this time.  These furniture pieces didn't just transfer the emotions, though, they were well-made pieces of exquisite workmanship that is seldom seen today in such large pieces.  Though the art deco period has passed, technically speaking, the style is still popular for those who love the art deco look. 

These days, the art deco influences can still be seen in furniture in the living room, dining room, bedroom, study, etc.  Customers love the the look of art deco without knowing totally what it is, because it is just that popular and loved in modern day attitudes.  Typically tall centrepieces of the room, they are high quality walnut and glossed to perfection.  This genre is a reminder of our past that still manages to fit in with our present tastes and desires for every room imaginable in our modern lives.  In this way, we can see how style never truly dies. Read more about Art Deco furniture London

Retro Furniture

Retro is a style that many of us are familiar with us.  It is flashy, fashion-oriented, and has just enough spunk for those people who love unique and crazy pieces to accentuate their equally original and exciting personalities.  Retro is often bright colours – occasionally highlighter hues – and can be worked into a room if placed correctly, or you can simply put it in the middle of the room and create the style around this piece of furniture, be it a sofa or chair.  These strong, bold pieces are meant to capture attention in an exciting way.  While they are well made and perfected in restoration, these pieces are meant to stand out and not just blend into the surroundings.  For this reason they are very popular with the younger demographic, teens and even younger.  In a world where colour and unique style is encouraged, this style meets all of these unofficial requirements.

The Furniture Rooms is dedicated to bringing you the most popular pieces in this energetic style genre, offering a variety of stock that is constantly replenished for popularity that often causes these pieces to fly out the virtual doors of their website.  Sofas, chairs, loungers, tables and sideboards are just some of the options that are waiting for a new home with the colour and fun loving customer. Read More about Retro Furniture London


Vintage Furniture

This most classic style of furniture, vintage is also making a comeback into the lives of style-oriented customers.  With structure that will hold up in the worst earthquake or a stampede, these pieces are made to last, making each purchase a excellent idea from The Furniture Rooms.  As you will read about a little later, the restoration process is extensive to each piece, so you can be assured that everything you purchase will hold up. 

This style is oriented around fitting into those important rooms like your dining room or study.  The pieces are elegant and discrete, enabling you to add them to your already decorated room with ease.  These pieces are able to be subtle additions, or the centrepiece of the room.  Regardless of how you choose to use a vintage piece of furniture, it will add to your home.  Some of the many items available are tables, chairs, desks and children's bedroom furniture. Read more about Vintage Furniture London....


The Restoration Process at The Furniture Rooms

Since a lot of our furniture has been used (possibly through many generations) and loved by various owners, a lot of times there are small defects (or large) that need to be repaired before they can be put on the floor to be sold.  We are entirely focused on providing you, the customer, with the best possible experience in buying our furniture, so we guarantee that each one of our pieces has been restored personally, carefully, and checked over by our in-house committee that has been trained extensively.  The head of the restoration team, Steve, has been William Tillman trained, and he is more than capable of solving any problem that may arise with a piece of furniture in need of some love.  Before working here at The Furniture Rooms, Steve worked for 40 years as a self-employed successful cabinet maker, so you can be assured that he knows how to take care of the pieces that come into his workshop.  His job centres around making old furniture new again by fixing it up and giving it a “face lift” without taking away the important historical and physical presence of the piece.  This careful process can be time consuming, depending on the amount of damage on each piece.  Steve and his competent team take the time to make sure that every inch of every piece is ready to be sold to its new home.

Some of the potential damages on pre-used furniture are water damage, lifting veneer, grazed or chipped polish, doors that do not shut or lock as they should, etc.  All of these issues can be taken care of by our trained staff, so that each element of the furniture is back to working how it should.  Whether it be a paint touch up, a fresh polishing, or a new application of veneer, these workers know how to make furniture shine and sparkle for the day that they are put on sale again.


Shopping at The Furniture Rooms

Your experience with us here is bound to be a good one, whether you are a new customer, or one that has many purchases from us in their rooms.  Regardless, we treat you the same because you are equally important and deserve the best treatment.  We have customer service agents that are trained to make your experience as pleasant as possible, and are always available to help should you have any questions or concerns about any of our products, or any step of the purchasing process.

Our aim is to make your happy with your new piece of furniture, and in accordance with that, we work hard to bring you the best all around service possible.  For that reason, if you are unhappy with anything you have purchased, or have a issue with any of the steps in the purchasing process, we encourage your feedback so that we can improve our service and offer the best experience for the modern day shopper.  After all, it is you that keeps us in business, so everything we do has to make you happy.  In the end it isn't about us, it's about you and your satisfaction with your new addition.

In browsing our website, you will see a lot of of pieces that can be eye capturing for reasons that may not even be known to you.  We invite to look at everything that captures your attention, and take as long as you want to make your decision.  We are here to make you feel comfortable with your purchase, so don't rush into anything that you are not totally sold on, no pun intended.  That being said, we have a lot of customers, and there may be some that are interested in the same product.  These pieces are all one of a kind and sure to move to fast due to their originality and historical context.  Be sure to jump on a piece while it lasts, because you never know who else is looking at that same piece.

Lastly, shop with an open mind.  You may find that you are particularly fond of a certain genre when reading the abstracts that have been posted above to explore each genre, only to find that you are drawn to another when looking at them using the menu and photos.  Don't fight this, as usually your instinct has a better sense for space, colour, and style than you do.  It's easy for us to get caught up in the tiny details and forget to look at the big picture, so when comparing two or three different potential pieces, make sure you listen to the one your gut prefers.  In any case, there are plenty of pieces to choose from, so go ahead and start shopping for the newest addition that you haven't met yet!